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From last-minute projects to long-term assignments, being a freelancer means having the opportunity to experience many kinds of projects. Every day is different, and my passion for what I do shines through my work. Have a look at some of my past projects, or get in touch to pitch your own today.

Image by Holly Mandarich

My Open Country

Image by Vasily Koloda

DeVry University

Work from Home

Bloom Garden Marketing 

Company 119

My Open Country is a quickly growing outdoor campaign, working to get people excited about the wilderness through education and inspiration. I serve as a freelance content creator on their editorial team.

DeVry University helps students pursue their educational dreams and goals online. They have been doing this for 20 years with great success and strive to help their students find their passions and career paths. I work as a freelance content writer for DeVry University.

Bloom Garden Marketing by Company 119 helps businesses in the garden industry find success. They use digital marketing expertise to promote garden businesses from big to small. They realize that garden centers face many challenges when it comes to marketing strategies and is there to help. Due to my horticultural and content creation experience, I have helped them develop an educational blog promoting the principles they espouse.

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