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Coffee and Spice and All Things... Adventure: Who I Am

Hello beloved audience... of not too many yet, I'm sure. My name is Amanda Joy Williams. I thought the best way to start my personal blog was to introduce the person behind it. I have been blogging for other people for years now, so bear with me as I venture to come out from behind the safety of my own screen.

The first thing I'm sure you can tell from the title is that I am not a poet, and I know it. What I have been is a freelance content writer, among other things, for the past four years. This year marks the time that I step away from the freelance platforms that take part of your own well-earned income. I am striving towards an individual existence, working on jobs that I am more passionate about and with client's that I really believe in.

Away from the nitty gritty though. Onto some intering (or not so intering) facts about me. Starting with the title once more, I am a coffee snob. I love good pour-over coffee from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia and, sometimes, Indonesia. I love the culture coffee creates. I love to enjoy something as simple and easy as a good cup of joe in the morning. Ask me about coffee, and we could talk for days.

I also love gardening. I have a degree in Horticulture and am looking towards a Master's program. However, my passion for it really goes farther than my education. I love to write about it, have almost died collecting samples to take home and paint, and my dream is to one day work for a company focused on sustainable and ecological design as a landscape architect. Small steps, though, small steps.

You may be wondering how content writing plays into this dream. I have spent the past five years finishing my education and moving from country to country. I have spent time working and adventuring all over the world, with a purpose each time but always still amazed that I have managed to end up in a new fantastical place once more. I have spent time in Europe, Central America, all across America itself and am now currently calling Asia my home until February 2020. I started content writing since having a consistent job became more difficult as I left for another country. It will become my only source of income after February and I am striving towards success! Hopefully!

You should also know things like: I love to run, rock climb, make jewelry, and my best friend is my dog. He is a big, red husky that matches my love for life. He is my adventure buddy and while in Asia, I had to leave him behind. My advice to would-be travelers: if you insist on hauling a suitcase around the world, don't leave your heart behind with a pet!

Now that I have covered the bases about myself, you should know what you are in for if you choose to read this blog. The function of the blog is two-fold. One part is to act as a showcase for my own tone, personality and writing style for potential clients. The other side is simply for self-expression. I used to really enjoy journaling, but started to feel like it was a waste of precious time and had trouble justifying it. Now, though, I can tell my readers and not just an empty book about what kind of oatmeal I had for breakfast this morning! Joking... but it was flavored with blueberries.

I am planning on mixing my passions on this blog, writing about my adventures, my endeavors into the arts, my thoughts on gardening and language as well as a sort of record as I move through life.

So there you have it. A plant nerd, coffee snob, dog lover and adventure buff. Until next post, I hope you are living life to the fullest and if so, I would love to hear about it!

~Amanda Joy


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