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Live Life to the Fullest, Then Write About It

Growing up in small town America, I was well acquainted with people who had felt stuck in one place for too long. So I asked myself "What would personally make my life full?" It eventually came down to:

Travel, Plants, Community.

Since then I have obtained a degree in Horticulture and started my way around the world. I have traveled through Central America, Europe, explored Asia and road-tripped across the Western United States. Everywhere I go, I find beautiful, budding communities of amazing people.

And life is full.

I have been working as a content writer for four years now. I believe that writing should function as an outreach to send a little more happiness and fulfillment back out into the world. This is why I write about what I am passionate about and take pride in the fact that I do it well.

Let's work together.

I am currently on the lookout for great clients who want great work done. If you need a passionate writer with years of experience, let's work together. Shoot me an email and I will be excited to collaborate and make something great!